Travis Gonzalez For Missouri U.S. Senate

Election Reform & Campaign Finance Reform

Election Reform

Political Districts

We must end the practice of drawing of political districts by politicians and outside groups. These have caused many things to be in favor of political parties, interest groups, and so forth. We need to equally draw up new political districts based, not on political strength within the selective counties and by population, but instead by a more simple way that does not favor any political party or any one person. We should evenly group the counties together, but equally within each district, so each district will have the same amount of counties within it and to make sure there are no attempts to try to collectively group them together with supported groups that will favor a political party or interest group.

Digital Voting

We must improve the security of digital voting and make it hard to rig elections. The digital age has made life easier by using fully digital voting machines, however, it has also made it easier for inside and outside groups to try to rig elections. We need to prevent this from happening!

Campaign Finance Reform

Limit PACS, SUPER PACS & Companies Contributions

We must put a limit on the amount of money that PACS, Super PACS, and companies can contribute on to a candidate during election and non-election years.

Free-Poltical Ads

There should be a Free-Political Ad law which will give candidates a chance to make there presents known to the general public, and to help get there voice out there. There will be a limit on those free ad placements.

For Television, Radio & Online Video/Audio Services: One ad can be placed during a 8 hour block, for a total of 3 ad placements in a 24 hour timeframe. This will be free for 7 consecutive days, once during the primary/general election period, then 7 consecutive days before the day of voting.

For Print & Digital Print: One free ad placement in a 7 day duration for Print/Digital Print daily editions, Weekly editions get 4 ad placements, bi-weekly editions get 2 ad placements, and Monthly editions get 1 ad placement one time during primary/general election, and 7 days before the day of voting.