Travis Gonzalez For Missouri U.S. Senate


Universal Health Care


We as a nation, need a better healthcare plan than the Affable Affordable Healthcare Act (ObamaCare). We must repeal it  and  replace it with a Universal Health Care Plan at the same time.


The Universal Health Care 


1. Will incorporate Medicare/Medicaid programs 

2. Will include Health, Dental, Vision, Pharmaceutical Drug, Short/long-term disability, and Short/Long-term care Insurance. Will include short-term/long-term insurance with medical, dental, vision and pharmaceutical drug care.

3. Will come out of income taxes, both individual and business. 

4. This will not replace, nor eliminate private insurance, but will ensure that all citizens will have some basic coverage.


Women’s Choice:

A women should not be able to get an abortion unless the  pregnancy is the result of  rape, incest, or will jeopardize the wellbeing of the mother’s health.

Veteran Support:

The veterans of this nation are not being treated good at all. It takes them too long to get anything from the VA, support for medical bills and recovery time after service. This needs to change! We should provide better care for our veterans.