Travis Gonzalez For Missouri U.S. Senate

Tax Reform & National Budget/Debt

Tax Reform

We must restructure the tax code. It should not favor any group of people, business, or other entities. The tax code needs to be redone to have a more simple and  completely understandable tax law. It should not be complicated  to understand or find out information on it.


National Budget

We need to have a national budget outlined and in place for a minimum of 2 to 4 years . The way it is now is not a workable budget, and politicians are threatening to close down the government if they don’t have it their way, or some type of compromise cannot be reached.


National Debt

We must reduce the total amount of debt that the nation currently has accumulated. The way in which we can  do so is by cutting the spending  on programs that are no longer needed, and there should be more transparency within the budget, for example, military spending.