Travis Gonzalez For Missouri U.S. Senate

U.S. Government Policy Reform

Repeal the Patriot Act

The Patriot Act gives the government too much power and the rights to spy on its own people and so forth, without just cause. We must repeal this act.


Bailout Program

Financial Crisis 2008 Bailout Program

 When the financial crisis happened,  a majority of the financial companies were going bankrupt and auto companies were in trouble. The U.S. Government bailed out the financial companies with no terms on their bailout and gave them 0% interest on bailout money. However, when auto companies asked for bailout money, the government set up terms on their bailout. The U.S. Government was offered shares in the company(ies) for bailout money and later down the road the U.S. Government sold their shares for less value then the money they gave the company.

If the U.S. Government does a bailout program again there needs to be set terms of the bailout they will give a company or companies. The U.S. Government should not sell a stock at less value if they accepted stocks in exchange for bailout money, nor should the government offer a 0% interest rates on bailout money. The U.S. Government should have fees in place if the company misuses the funds.


Reduce U.S. Foreign Military Bases

We must reduce the number of U.S. Foreign Military Bases. The bases overseas must be reduced in number and reduce U.S. Military presence in most of these areas of operations. We shall not continue as a Global Police Force. The regional, continental, and global organizations shall  take a more active role in these locations.


Political Campaign Reform

Political Campaign Reform must take place at the federal, state, and local levels of government.  Individuals that wish to run as an independent or write-in should not be required to collect voter signatures in order to get on the ballot for the general election. For the write-in candidates, their names should be given to voters at time of ballot as an attachment  of write-ins  so voters know who is a write-in candidate, for what office they are running for, and how to spell their names right. Both independent and write-in candidates should have to fill out a statement of candidacy with the government office that handles the election.


Term Limitation

The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate must have term limitations imposed on them. These terms limitations for the House shall be 4 terms total  equaling 8 years, and the Senate 2 terms total equaling 12 years. They can run straight in a row.

The Supreme Court Judges current term limitation is life. They must also have term limits of 2 terms totaling 20 years.



We must, as a nation and as people, help the individuals that live below, and at, the poverty line. The welfare programs must be updated to continue to help them.


Over the years American and foreign companies in the United States have moved their operations overseas to produce their products and services for cheaper labor, low business taxes, and so on. These companies that closed their doors here and open up shop in another country are using a business model that has created job losses in the United States. We must impose fees and penalties for these companies that are using this model.
AN In order to create new jobs in the United States we must encourage people to create new businesses and encourage both national, regional, and international companies to come back to the US. We should restructure both Individual & Business Tax Codes by lowering tax rates, and setting up guidelines to makes sure that the businesses won’t restart said business model within the United States. When creating low rates for businesses, they must agree to at least a 10 to 20 year term, and to stay at that location for an additional 10 to 20 years after their low rate has ended.